Background Criminal Report: The Shocking Truth

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A background criminal report is a tool which is used by many employers, local and federal government, corporations and private individuals to protect their families, themselves and their property from the criminal element. It is generally understood, by the majority of the public, it is a simple matter to obtain this information from the local and federal government. However, that is not quite true. The purpose of this dissertation is to provide a better understanding of what may be involved.

One of the reasons people tend to believe it is a simple matter, to obtain the lawbreaking history of an individual, is due to the entertainment industry and the World Wide Web. This industry includes the movies, T.V. shows and books. The majority of these shows and books portray someone using a computer to access the internet and gaining access to some type of national database, which has a file on every lawbreaker in the United States. Frankly, that image is not quite true.

Yes! It is true the United States Government maintains a national database called the Interstate Identification Index (better known by the acronym Triple-I). And in fact the Triple-I contains information on people who have broken the law. However, the index is maintained by the F.B.I and access is limited to state and federal law enforcement agencies. It should also be understood, unless the federal, state, county and city governments have submitted the information to Triple-I, the offenders will not be in the database. Since access is limited to law enforcement, the general public must use other means at its disposal.

Background criminal reports can be found by searching federal, state, county and city records. Each of these entities may have different laws for gaining access to the records. Consequently, it may become quite complicated when multiple jurisdictions are going to have to be checked. However, there is one thing the majority of them have in common, each of these entities maintain a web site, with the criminal information, which the public can access.

To help you get an accurate background report on the individual you are investigating, there are several things that will be critical to your investigation. One of the first steps you must take is to do a thorough one on one interview with the party concerned. The absolute minimum amount of information, you should extract, is the full name, date of birth, social security number and the addresses where the party of the investigation has resided for the last seven years. This information will determine that you indeed are getting the correct information on the right person.

The next step which must be determined is if the investigating party is going to conduct the criminal records investigation or if a professional investigative agency will be utilized. Frankly, if the investigating party is pressed for time a professional agency may be the best way to go.

Once the information has been received from the investigation a determination can be made as to the character of the person being investigated. Only then will you know who you are really dealing with!

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